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ID:158 Workshop on "Establishing Resilient Life-Space in the Cyber-Physical Integrated Society"

13:00-19:30(Door Open 12:30)
Sendai Civic Auditorium Meeting Room 1

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Tohoku University Cyberscience Center


Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Frontier Research andDevelopment Committees, Construction of Resilient Social and Life Space



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Number of participants 40

Main outcomes:

1. Collaboration of universities and local governments for enhancement of disaster resilient community

2. ICT-driven regional cyber-physical integrated society

3. Preparation of ICT systems and services in common

4. Emergency medical information system


* I got new ideas and new findings on socio-information system resilience by regional ICT, regional community resilience, IoT/M2M data-driven disaster information systems, etc.

* It was informative to meet many participants from various fields, medical,
nursing science, NGO, mathematical statistics, economics, communication
operators, food hygiene, etc. Another big result was a discussion on personal
information protection from viewpoint of medical doctors to design structures
utilizable in any scenes of self, mutual, and public help.

* The future problem from this workshop is collaboration of local government, university community, and local ICT/IoT industries to construct disaster-resistant local community for each of self, mutual, and public helps stages.



The workshop discusses on “Establishing Resilient Life-Space in the Cyber-Physical Integrated Society.” More than ten presentations focus on 1) Big Data Driven Systems for Smart Cyber-Physical Integrated Society, 2) In Common use of Information systems and services, and 3) Resilient Mobile Networks for Disaster Recovery, and some resilient networking systems are exhibited.



“Lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake”
Speaker:Sendai City,  Information Policy Department, Senior Director, Takehiko Imai

“ICT Infrastructure of University Campuses in Disaster-Resistant City Plans”
Speaker:Tohoku University, Professor, Hideaki Sone

“Utilization of the mobile communication technology under the state of emergency”
Speaker:Institute of Cyber-Physical Systems, Inc. , Chief Executive Officer , Noriyoshi Sonetaka

“Disaster-Resilient Backbone and Access Networks”
Speaker:National Institute of Informatics, Professor, Shigeki Yamada

“Estimation of disaster recovery condition based on Web reservation data”
Speaker:National Institute of Informatics, Project Researcher, Yu Ichifuji

“Psychological factors in rumor propagation after the Great East Japan Earthquake. ”
Speaker:National Institute of Informatics, Project Researcher, Yuko Tanaka

“How to identify personal medical information and to make medical supplies and medicines available at the time of disaster. ”
Speaker:Kochi Organization for Medical Reformation and Renewal, President, Shu Kuramoto

“The Role of the University in the Area Affected by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. ”
Speaker:Ishinomaki Senshu University, Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Shingo Minato

Panel session
Moderator:National Institute of Informatics, Professor, Shigeki Yamada
Tokyo Denki University, Dean, School of Science and Technology for Future Life, Professor, Hiroshi Yasuda
Waseda University, Professor, Toshitaka Tsuda
The Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Professor, Hiroe Tsubaki

Demo session

“What DOCOMO Can Do for Disaster Risk Reduction? – Reconstruction Support and Demonstration of Potable SIM”
Speaker:TOHOKU Reconstruction Support Office, NTT DOCOMO, INC. , Norihito NAITO、Communication Device Development Department, NTT DOCOMO, INC. Akira SHIBUTANI

“Wireless LAN Access Points guaranteeing communications even during large-scale disasters”
Speaker:NEC Corporation, Norio YAMAGAKI、NEC Corporation, Shunichi Kinoshita

“Disaster-tolerant authentication system for secure and resilient Wi-Fi services”
Speaker:Tohoku University, Professor, Hideaki Sone、Tohoku University, Associate Professor, Hideaki Goto

“Wireless Multihop Network for Disaster”
Speaker:National Institute of Informatics, Professor, Shigeki Yamada

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