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ID:218 Passing on our historical heritage-the studies of Pre-Disaster Activities to Preserve Historical Materials-

Tohoku University Kawauchi-kita Campus A102


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Tohoku University International Research Institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS)


NPO Miyagi Shiryo Net




Number of participants 100

Historical documents, old tools and implements, and antique art objects are to be found in an overwhelming quantity and variety in local society throughout Japan. The “Miyagi Rekishi Shryo Hozon Net,’ established since an earthquake on 2003, provide an organizational structure to coordinate preparation work for saving historical materials in future disasters. Many original historical materials were lost in the tsunami and earthquake of March 2011. However, there were several cases where we had recorded the lost originals with digital cameras beforehand. Moreover, the activities before the disaster had provided MSN with an interpersonal network linking together collection owners, interested local citizens, and local government officials. Involving ordinary citizens in these activities provides a source of skilled and informed manpower to supplement the limited resources of specialists. The importance of start preservation activities ‘prior’ to the actual event should be shared with all concerned and residents.

We reported our fresh activities by Japanese and English posters, could shared the lessons from the rescue activities of historical materials from 3.11 disaster.

In the reconstruction of 3.11 damaged areas, we are faced with crises of disappear historical and cultural environment which has been stacked long time before the disasters. In light of such a situation, it is necessary to put historical materials to practical use for historical and cultural continuation of local community, opportunity of the interchange by their own history and culture.



In the Great East Japan Earthquake, many historical materials in the disaster area are damaged and now in danger of disappear. This exhibition will show the activities of preservation for historical material, and how it was possible to pass on historical material in local communities in Japan as “our historical heritage”.

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