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ID:328 Symposium on Climate Change Action and Disaster Prevention

10:00-15:30(Door Open 9:30)
TKP Garden City Sendai Kotodai (Sendai Park Bldg.) Hall 7

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Based on the 5th Assessment Report of IPCC published in 2014, as the effects of climate change, we are already facing so many hazardous  disasters like big typhoons, large floods and concentrated heavy rains. For the climate change issue, the year of 2015 will be the most critical year. From late November in Paris, the Conference of Parties of UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, COP 21 Conference will be held. The conference goal is to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement, a successor to the 1997 Kyoto protocol to take effect in 2020 and to effectively limit the global temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. How can central and municipal governments, environmental NGOs, industries and general citizens collaborate in order to improve public awareness on the climate change issues. In this symposium, a report gave a prospect for the effects in Tohoku region and Miyagi Prefecture including on agriculture and other industries. We discussed a variety of practices and experiences at the level of local communities including the roles of the Japan Center for Climate Change Actions and 55 local centers for Climate Change Actions which is covering all of prefectures and some major cities.



How can municipal government, environmental NGOs, industry and general citizens collaborate in order to improve public awareness on the relationship between the effect of climate change and disaster like big floods and concentrated heavy rains ? We discuss based on a variety of practices and experiences at local community level after 3.11 disaster.


●Koichi HASEGAWA(Professor, Tohoku University)

The Way to the Low Carbon Society
●Jun’ichi FUJION(National Institute for Environmental Studies)

The 2015 Climate Change Conference in Paris and the Climate Change Policies in China and Japan
●Jusen ASUKA(Professor, Tohoku University)

Thinking on Japan’s Policy Making Process for Climate Change Actions
●Keiichi SATO(Hitotsubashi University)

Disaster Reduction and Climate Change in Tohoku and Miyagi
●Yukiko IKEDA(Japan Meteorological Agency, Sendai)

Activities and Functions of the Kyoto Center for Climate Actions
●Hiroki KIHARA(Kyoto Center for Climate Actions)

Activities and Functions of the Japan Center for Climate Change Actions and the National Network of Local Centers
●Hiromitsu KAWAHARA(Japan Center for Climate Change Actions)

15:00 Closing Remarks
●Koichi HASEGAWA(Professor, Tohoku University)

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