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ID:197 How should Tohoku impart the experience of the earthquake disaster?

10:00-12:00(Door Open 9:30)
TKP Garden City Sendai(AER) Hall A

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Number of participants 190

In this event, 2 businessmen who were active in Tohoku and 3 Diet members of the Tohoku election participated. They looked back on the revival process and gave opinions about the future way.

The Diet members who participated are Representative Shunichi Suzuki (LDP, the Iwate District2 election), Representative Yoshihisa Inoue (Chief Secretary of Komeito, the proportion Tohoku election), Councilor Tatsuo Hirano (former minister of reconstruction, the Iwate prefecture election). And Takao Watanabe who is a managing Director Tohoku Electric Power (previous Onagawa nuclear plant director) and Hiroyuki Goto who is the Tohoku revitalization representative IBM Japan went on the platform from the economic world.

At first, each looked back at the time of the earthquake occurrence. Managing Director Watanabe did information disclosure about the earthquake response in the Onagawa nuclear plant.

And they argued about the Tohoku’s future and pointed out that the following points were important.

・sharing the memory of the earthquake disaster among people in Tohoku

・doing politicians and businessmen performing information exchange positively in Tohoku

・promoting the public-private partnership for new energy policy

, and making an effort. And I appealed to you for that I worked on an invitation of activation and ILC of the tourism industry.

In addition, in the last of the discussion, they appealed to try to work on the invitation activity of ILC positively.


We got various experience from East Japan great earthquake disaster. We must arrange those experiences and get ready to impart to the young and foreign countries. This discussion is held to convey Tohoku's experience, and Diet members for Tohoku will exchange opinions. In addition, We will argue about Tohoku's economic revitalization and future.


Opening Remarks
Speaker:Takeshi Tokuyama (Dean of the GSIS, Tohoku University)

Review the Great Earthquake Disaster
Speaker:Shunichi Suzuki (Member of the House of Representatives), Tatsuo Hirano (Former Minister for Reconstruction) and others

Earthquake Response of the Onagawa Nuclear Power Station
Speaker:Takao Watanabe (Managing Director, Tohoku Electric Power)

Panel Discussion
Speaker:Yoshihisa Inoue (Member of the House of Representatives), Hiroyuki Goto (Tohoku Revitalization representative, IBM Japan) and others

Concluding Remarks
Speaker:Kazunori Kawamura (Associate Professor, Tohoku University)

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