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ID:215 The Great March Eleventh (3.11) Tsunami: Remembering for the Future

Tohoku University Kawauchi-kita Campus A200


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Tohoku University International Research Institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS)




Number of participants 450

This 3D documentary was filmed and produced by NHK media technology, supervised and cooperated by Prof. Fumihiko Imamura and other professors of the International Research Institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS), Tohoku University.

The world’s only compilation of disaster footage shot entirely in 3D was faithfully and sensitively collected using fixed point observation over a period spanning more than three years.

This unique 3D documentary movie is the first of its kind, unveiling previously untold personal stories, and exploring the humble but resolute spirit of those who inhabit this disaster-prone region of Japan.

These people feel it is their duty to tell future generations about their personal experience of natural disaster.

This new-born courage to speak out, three years after the disaster struck, stems from respect for loved ones lost in the 2011 giant tsunami, and recognition that their own miraculous survival was often determined by bizarre coincidence, or just a few seconds or centimeters.

There was totally about 450 persons visited this exhibition of which approximately 70% was international participants.

This 25-min edited version of the 3D movie that record initial stage of the disaster is one of valuable archive documents for the 2011 tsunami disaster.


The world’s only compilation of disaster footage shot entirely in 3D, and faithfullyand sensitively collected over a period spanning more than three years.
Rich in poignant, dignified accounts from local residents who have so far struggledto voice their suffering. English version available.


Japanese ver.       English ver.

10:00~10:25      10:30~10:55
11:00~11:25      11:30~11:55
12:00~12:25      12:30~12:55
13:00~13:25      13:30~13:55
14:00~14:25      14:30~14:55
15:00~15:25      15:30~15:55
16:00~16:25      16:30~16:55
17:00~17:25      17:30~17:55


The running time of a movie : 25 min.
Audience are not allowed to stay for two consecutive screenings. Doors close after the screening starts.

Please be aware that this video contains graphic images of the tsunami and affected areas.
If you find these images disturbing, please feel free to exit the screening early or to contact one of our staff.

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