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ID:296 Tohoku University Reconstruction Action ~Leading the reconstruction of Tohoku and the regeneration of Japan~

Tohoku University Centennial Hall (Hagi Hall) Conference Room


Tohoku University




Shortly after the Great East Japan Earthquake in April 2011, Tohoku University established the Institute for Disaster Reconstruction and Regeneration Research — with our president as head of the institute — and began to help reconstruct Tohoku.

As a comprehensive university, we created the “eight priority projects” outlined below. In addition to these, there are over 100 projects organized by faculty staff in cooperation with related institutions and facilities, both domestic and international.

1. International Research Project on Disaster Science

2. Project for the Reconstruction of Community Health Care

3. Project for Environmental Energy

4. ICT Reconstruction Project

5. Tohoku Marine Science Project

6. Radioactive Decontamination Project

7. Regional Industries Restoration Support Project

8. Industry-University Collaboration Development Project for Reconstruction

The university hosted approximately 1,400 guests over the five day event, with much interest shown in the initiatives undertaken by the university towards reconstructing Tohoku.

As a university situated in the disaster area, it was an important opportunity for us to share our collective experience from the region, and to contribute to disaster prevention and reduction on a global scale. We will continue to work for not only the reconstruction of Tohoku, but for the revitalization of Japan.

Institute for Disaster Reconstruction and Regeneration Research Website


As a university which exists at the center of the stricken area of the Great East Japan Earthquake, research, education, and social contribution activities which lead the reconstruction and rebirth from disaster are introduced.
We introduce the activities of the "Eight core projects"(Disaster Science, Community medicine, Energy, etc.) that Tohoku University has been working after that Great Earthquake.

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